Help Plan the Future of Redmond Pickleball (Part 2)

Redmond Parks spent the summer listening to community ideas for future parks projects in Redmond. This feedback was meant to guide how they manage and enhance your parks, playgrounds, community centers, forests, and trails over the next ten years.

Join Redmond Parks online or in person at City Hall on Wednesday, Oct. 5 to hear how they will update the Parks, Arts, Recreation, Culture, and Conservation (PARCC) Plan to see if this new plan will meet the needs of our growing and diverse pickleball community with new pickleball facilities, activities, programs and events.


Redmond Community Meeting on Parks and Recreation


Wednesday, October 5, 2022, from 6:30 PM until 8:00 PM


  • In-person: Redmond City Hall, Council Chambers, 15670 NE 85th Street, Redmond, WA 98073, or
  • online.

How to Register?

Register here to attend online or in person.

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Help Plan the Future of Redmond Pickleball

Help Remond plan for pickleball growth over the next 10 to 20 years.

The previous plan dates back to 2017 and barely mentions pickleball at all. Let’s make sure the upcoming plan puts Redmond on the pickleball map.

What can I do?

  • Fill out this questionnaire by Wednesday, May 16th.
  • Attend the upcoming online community meeting on June 1st.
  • Contact Jeff Aken, Redmond Park Planning Manager, via email or by phone. Share with him your vision for pickleball facilities in Redmond, such as a pickleball complex with 12+ lighted courts. Send him pictures of other pickleball facilities that you admire and that you would like to see Redmond replicate.
  • Talk to other pickleball players who work, live or play in Redmond. Ask them to get involved. We’ll need everyone to pitch in.

That’s not enough. How else can I help?

Would you like help to organize Redmond pickleball players in their efforts to get pickleball facilities included in the upcoming Redmond Parks Plan? If so, contact the Seattle Metro Pickleball Association and we’ll put you in touch with people who have had similar experiences in Seattle, Bellevue, and Mercer Island. They will share their experience with you.

Where can I find more information?

Find out more about Redmond’s PARCC plan at


Join the Redmond Parks and Trails Commission

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a pickleball player become one of Redmond’s Parks and Trails commissioners?

The city of Redmond is recruiting applicants to fill one vacancy on the Parks and Trails Commission. The city is committed to having a commission that reflects the diversity of the community and welcomes applications from any resident living within the 98052 zip code who is interested in the future of Redmond parks, recreation, and trails, including those who may have applied for past vacancies.

If you are interested, you can find more information here.

Pass it on.


Action Alert: Ask Redmond for Pickleball Court Clusters

Another day, another survey.


This time the University of Washington-Landscape Architecture, the Integrated Ecology Lab and the City of Redmond (Parks & Recreation) would like to analyze your experience of Redmond’s parks and trails, and determine the impact of COVID-19 related social distance measures on these parks and trails’ attendance.

What? (…does this have to do with pickleball)?

The last question of the survey is “What would you like to see from our public parks as we move forward in a post COVID World?” That is your chance to answer “More lighted, covered pickleball courts clustered together in groups of 8 or more. Pickleball is a great intergenerational physical activity with a strong social component. (


Redmond already has many pickleball courts scattered throughout the city. It needs a pickleball venue with many pickleball courts next to each other, where players can congregate all day for open play and know that they will find other players at their level.


Today of course! And definitely before December 5th, 2021.


Redmond’s Parks & Trails Survey 2021 (