Action Alert: Ask Redmond for Pickleball Court Clusters

Another day, another survey.


This time the University of Washington-Landscape Architecture, the Integrated Ecology Lab and the City of Redmond (Parks & Recreation) would like to analyze your experience of Redmond’s parks and trails, and determine the impact of COVID-19 related social distance measures on these parks and trails’ attendance.

What? (…does this have to do with pickleball)?

The last question of the survey is “What would you like to see from our public parks as we move forward in a post COVID World?” That is your chance to answer “More lighted, covered pickleball courts clustered together in groups of 8 or more. Pickleball is a great intergenerational physical activity with a strong social component. (


Redmond already has many pickleball courts scattered throughout the city. It needs a pickleball venue with many pickleball courts next to each other, where players can congregate all day for open play and know that they will find other players at their level.


Today of course! And definitely before December 5th, 2021.


Redmond’s Parks & Trails Survey 2021 (