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Why you should join

  • The Seattle Metro Pickleball Association (SMPA) formed to promote pickleball in the greater Seattle metropolitan area.
  • We advocate for the sport of pickleball in dealing with local Parks departments and civic organizations, and facilitate access and opportunity to play for persons of all ages and abilities in a welcoming, inclusive and healthy environment.
  • We differ from most other local pickleball organizations in that we don’t have ownership of playing venues.

A regionally diverse and active membership increases the bargaining power of the Seattle Metro Pickleball Association when advocating for more and better places to play pickleball, both indoors and outdoor, across the metro area. To date, SMPA has been instrumental in getting the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department to expand its pickleball pilot project from creating two pickleball courts by lining two underused tennis courts to creating twenty-four pickleball courts by lining tennis courts in seven different locations.

When you become a member of the Seattle Metro Pickleball Association, you will:

  • Join a friendly, supportive, and caring community of players who are enthusiastic about playing pickleball and sharing the sport with others
  • Add your voice and financial support to others who are advocating for additional pickleball facilities both indoors and outdoors
  • Get access to our periodic information/news releases and Facebook page to stay current on events and places to play
  • Get to use the SMPA discount code to receive a 5% discount on all orders at Pickleball Central. The SMPA itself earns a 5% credit towards purchases at that same store.
  • Get to use the SMPA discount code to receive a 10% discount on all orders at Smash Pickleball
  • Discounted fee when you sign up for Westside Pickleball League

Become a member and support our mission

The Seattle Metro Pickleball Association exists:

  • To improve and increase pickleball facilities in the greater Seattle metro area
  • To advocate for the sport of pickleball and be the unified voice for pickleball players when we approach parks and recreation departments
  • To facilitate access and opportunity to play for persons of all ages and abilities in a welcoming, inclusive, and healthy environment

Join us and help develop more pickleball play opportunities in the Seattle Metro Area.

Clicking this Join button takes you to the Member Planet web site. Member Planet securely manages our membership database so we can focus on pickleball. our members, and growing the sport across the Seattle metro area.

Membership Renewal

SMPA Membership renewal notifications typically come as an email two weeks before your membership expires, and then as a follow-up seven days before your membership renewal date.

You can review your current membership status online. Log in to MemberPlanet (our membership management software) with your saved password. If you don’t remember your password, just click on Forgot your password? on the log in page.

When you first became a member, you may have opted for auto-renewal, which of course we love. If so, you have likely seen an automatic $20 charge to your credit card that will continue unless you take action before your renewal date. Should you decide to end auto-renewal, you’ll change that on your membership information.

We are grateful for your commitment to the Seattle Metro Pickleball Association as we continue to work to grow pickleball in the metro area.