Washington State Sport License Plate

In 2021, a local grassroots movement led by State Senator John Lovick resulted in a bill proposing pickleball be named the official state sport. The bill passed the legislature with overwhelming support and was officially signed into law in March 2022 on Bainbridge Island, the birthplace of pickleball. The bill honors the legacy of pickleball’s founders Bill Bell, Barney McCallum, and Joel Pritchard. It has increased awareness of the benefits of physical fitness and the importance of mental health through the forging of new friendships and community bonds through play.

Celebrating Washington State Sport at Seattle Metro Pickleball Classic tournament on July 23, 2022.
From left: Frank Chiappone (SMPA President), Kate Van Gent (SMPA Director), Senator John Lovick (sponsored SB5615), Chuck Wright (Pickleball as a state sport was his idea!), and Anna Copley (Pickleball Central).

Momentum has shifted west. Washington State is now on the pickleball map. Investors and government interest in building pickleball courts have dramatically increased. Tourists are eager to visit the birthplace of pickleball.

Our state sport of pickleball deserves a state license plate!

The Seattle Metro Pickleball Association and Senator John Lovick are working together to sponsor a pickleball license plate bill. A petition has been created to collect 3,500 signatures from Washington State residents intending to buy a license plate. After this Department of Licensing requirement is met, along with an approved license plate design, the bill will work its way through the legislative process.

You can proudly support the state sport of Washington every day by displaying a pickleball license plate on your vehicle. Proceeds from the license plate will support the development of a dedicated pickleball facility.

Please join our effort and sign the petition.

License Plate Design

Are you a graphic designer who is interested in designing the first pickleball license plate in the US?

Seattle Metro Pickleball Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.