Our Vision

More Courts, More Play.

Our Mission


… the profile of pickleball in our region and the community of people working together to help it to flourish


…with individuals and governmental bodies to improve and expand public pickleball facilities across the region

Empower Play

…by providing expertise, equipment and other material resources to enable well-run, inclusive organized play opportunities


…the dedicated pickleball facilities that our region deserves and that generations to come will enjoy

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Help us help you

Public pickleball courts don’t germinate spontaneously. They begin with someone planting a seed in a Parks Department city-wide planning process. Then we (that’s you, SMPA Directors, and other vigilant members) tend the seed by helping the Parks Department get in touch with prospective users of pickleball courts, to gather the evidence of community support they need. Sometimes we need to enlist the help of a supervising entity such as an oversight board or a city council.

Anytime we need you to help a Parks Department move the process along, maybe by filling in a survey or showing up with your paddle at a public hearing, we’ll send you an Action Alert. Don’t worry, you won’t see a deluge of requests coming from us.

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