Ask for Pickleball Courts at Bellevue Airfield Park (Take 2)

Here are two things you should do to help: Take the latest survey. Attend the September 22 meeting.

Bellevue is updating its Master Plan for Bellevue Airfield Park.

A few weeks ago, we attended the first of three community meetings to tell them what park elements we would like to see at this new community park. Somehow, we all agreed that having pickleball courts would be a great idea.

Now, a second community meeting and a new survey have been announced.

Second Community Meeting


This in-person community meeting will take place on Thursday, September 22 from 6:30-8 p.m.


At the South Bellevue Community Center located at 14509 SE Newport Way. Registration is not required.



You do not need to be a Bellevue resident to participate.

Do I Have to?

For us to have a chance to get 8 or more pickleball courts at Bellevue Airfield Park, it is crucial that the pickleball community be present at this meeting and make their voice heard.


This second community outreach meeting will include opportunities to:

  • Recap the first community meeting discussion.
  • See the draft Bellevue Airfield Park Master Plan Update options being considered.
  • Share your ideas and input for how Parks can balance the needs and program options for the Bellevue Airfield Park.
  • Discuss your thoughts on the draft plans and future steps for the master plan update process. 

Please attend and share your vision for a pickleball facility to be located at Bellevue Airfield Park.

What’s next?

If we do well at this meeting, we will get to attend a third (and possibly final) one.

More Info

Visit the Bellevue Airfield Park web page.

View the event notice flyer


Please take a few minutes to answer Bellevue Parks’ new informational gathering survey.

Question 5 will ask if there is anything missing from the 2012 Master Plan. Make sure to mention that it is missing a pickleball facility. Share a vivid picture of what you mean by that. Is it one pickleball court? Is it two? Is it a dozen? Are there lights? Is there a roof? If you know of an existing facility that could serve as an example, add a link to it.

Question 8 will ask what types of active programs would interest you. Make sure to check the “Other” box and specify “pickleball“. Feel free to expand on what type of pickleball programs you would like to see such as pickleball drop-in, classes, leagues, ladders, tournaments, etc.