Ask for Pickleball Courts at Bellevue Airfield Park

Bellevue is updating its Master Plan for Bellevue Airfield Park. They want to know what park elements you would like to see at this new community park.


Could it be that you would like to see twelve or more collocated pickleball courts at Airfield Park? With lights? With a roof?


To let Bellevue Parks know:

  • Email the project manager Ken Kroeger (, and tell him what kind of pickleball facility you would like to see at Airfield Park.
  • Attend the first of three public engagement Zoom meetings on Tuesday, July 26th from 6:30 to 8:00pm. Remember to register ahead of time.

Make sure you share a vivid picture of what you would like to see.
Don’t just say “I would like Airfield Park to have pickleball courts.
Do say something like “I would like Airfield Park to have 8 or more public regulation-size dedicated outdoor pickleball courts, with lights, and under a cover, a lot like the public pickleball facility at Opelika.


Bellevue currently has only one set of very busy dedicated outdoor pickleball courts, located at the Bellevue International School. We will lose those courts when the school expands its campus. If we want other dedicated courts, we have to ask for them.