Pickleball License Plate Design Phase

We need your help to reach our goal!

License Plate Designs

SMPA has narrowed down to a short list of graphic designers. We requested draft designs of the pickleball license plate by October 8, 2022. Pickleball players throughout Washington have been asked to view and vote for the best design by the end of November.

What’s the Goal?

To build a dedicated pickleball facility capable of hosting regional and national tournaments and establish dedicated pickleball courts throughout Washington. A dedicated regional facility capable of supporting large tournaments will attract players from across the state and the country, contributing to the state’s economic growth. Each purchase of a State Sport special license plate supports the construction of dedicated courts in cities and towns throughout Washington.

The approximate cost of the pickleball license plate is $157.25 initial fee and $30 annual renewal fee. Special plate fees increased as a result of the $17 billion transportation bill. The funds collected will go into a Trust account and used solely for the construction and maintenance of dedicated pickleball courts throughout Washington.

We Still Need Your Help!

Thank you to everyone who has already signed the petition. With your help, we reached 25% of our goal in just two weeks and are currently 65% of the way there. However, we must collect 3,500 signatures by the end of November to meet the deadlines necessary for the next legislative session in January 2023.

We are asking each of you to reach out to your family, friends, and fellow pickleball players. Encourage them to join you in supporting the pickleball license plate petition. If everyone can get just four signatures, we will reach our goal.

Together we will build and maintain dedicated pickleball courts throughout Washington.

Department of Licensing (DOL) design guide and specialty color palette restrictions must be followed.  The only requirement SMPA has is the words “State Sport” must be on the plate.

DOL Plate Design Requirements

  • Design the proposed plate. See the Specialty Plate Design Guide for more information.
  • Plate colors:
    • The specialty color palette shows colors that currently pass the DOT infrared camera tests.
    • Passing colors have a green check mark.
    • Failing colors have a red ‘X.’
    • Many shades of blue aren’t recognized by infrared. It’s recommended if you use a blue background that you use a darker shade with white lettering.
    • DOL and DOT can’t guarantee which colors will pass.
    • DOT camera testing will determine the readability of the plate design. If a plate fails the readability test, you’ll need to make changes and retest until it passes.

Any questions regarding specific design requirements can be addressed to DOL by email.