Mercer Island Pickleball News

June 2019

Ball Change – Given that the new batch of ONIX Fuse yellow pickleballs has been breaking after only one or two days of play, MICEC will return them to the seller and buy the traditional green JUGS balls for our use. Obviously, if anyone one wants to bring out their own Franklin or ONIX Fuse pickleballs to play with at MICEC they are welcomed to do so.

Pickleball on Sundays returned to MICEC on June 2, 2019, thanks to a $20,000 grant from King County (Get Active Stay Active) which will be used to partially restore recreation and community programs that were eliminated due to the recent failure of the City of Mercer Island operating levy. Part of this grant allowed for restoring Pickleball on Sundays at MICEC (1:00 PM– 4:00 PM, Full Gym). Bring your paddles and ~$5 if you are not a Mercer Island resident.

LUTHER BURBANK TENNIS COURTS – Cracks were filled and the tennis nets set up at the three courts down at Luther Burbank Park. However, there are no current plans to paint/tape pickleball lines on the tennis courts. As we do understand that there is interest in this enhancement, our team currently doesn’t have capacity to add lines. This is an issue that will be addressed through Mercer Island Parks Recreation and Open Space Plan, which will be a 6 year comprehensive plan that will address future program and capital enhancements and will lay out a set of priorities for our department. This plan will have extensive public input and would be the best place to drive support for any park additions or enhancements.