Legislative Session Ends Without a State Sport License Plate

State Sport license plate denied a House hearing by Chair of the Transportation Committee

This has not been a good year for special license plates. None of the four license plates submitted for 2023 made it through the legislature.

Four license plate bills were introduced this year, State Sport, Mount St. Helens, Le-May America\’s Car Museum and OL Reign. Of the four special license plate bills introduced, only the State Sport and Mount St. Helens license plates passed in the Senate. The State Sport license plate passed with 45 yes votes and 4 no votes. The four nays were Senators MacEwen, McCune, Schoesler and Stanford. No license plate bill introduced passed in the House.

A state sport license plate is a way to celebrate and share the state sport. It also reminds local government officials that picklers are here to stay and that we deserve dedicated pickleball courts.

Thank you to our everyone who supported this effort, including the thousands of people who signed the petition, the dozens of people who collected the signature and Senator Lovick who sponsored the bill. Senator Lovick will be working with the SMPA to continue to pass this bill in 2024.