“We Recommend Full Funding”

Thank you to all of you who reached out to the Seatle Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners recently. Your efforts bore fruit.

In April, you submitted questions to Seattle’s Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners. They did not have any answers for you at their public hearing or afterwards.

They did however say the following in their Draft Chair’s Report and Recommendations dated May 5th:

We recommend full funding ($1.55M) for the Racket Sport Maintenance and Expansion proposal in consideration of pickleball’s growing popularity in the city and region, and public comment during this prioritization process. After hearing community feedback – now and over the past few years – we know it is important to Seattleites that we expand the use of our tennis courts to accommodate pickleball. Not only is it the state sport, but it is accessible to elders and folks with diverse abilities.
— Jessica Farmer and Marlon Herrera Co-Chairs, Seattle Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners, May 5, 2022