Action Alert: Help us get $50,000 for pickleball lines!

Seattle City Council member Tammy Morales is sponsoring a city budget amendment titled “Add $50,000 GF to SPR to support adding pickleball court lines to existing tennis courts” in Seattle. Dan Strauss and Kshama Sawant are co-sponsors.  Please send all three an email to thank them for this. This amendment still needs to be voted on by the entire SeattleContinue reading “Action Alert: Help us get $50,000 for pickleball lines!”

Seattle Indoor Pickleball – Fall 2021

The Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) department has resumed indoor “drop-in” pickleball sessions at multiple locations starting in early October 2021. Most locations offer 45-minute long sessions. All locations require advanced reservations and limit the number of players to 4 times the number of pickleball courts available. Players have had many questions regarding these newContinue reading “Seattle Indoor Pickleball – Fall 2021”