“Southeast Seattle Needs Outdoor Pickleball Courts Now: The Saga” – EPISODE 4

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June 3, 2021


Miguel and other Southeast pickleball players, hello. 


In May, Senior Planner Oliver Bazinet and the rest of the planning team met to discuss potential locations for new pickleball lines, using the limited surplus funding from the court restoration program, to help meet some of the demand where there have been issues this year.  In making the selection, the team referenced the criteria in the pickleball pilot report , and also factored in the condition of the exiting courts.  They wanted to focus on courts in areas of the city—particularly Southeast Seattle—that see relatively low reservations and seem to have high demand.  


Following that evaluation, staff contacted contractors to request quotes.  Having received the contractors’ quotes, we can confirm that we’ll be adding pickleball lines as outlined below. 


16 Southeast courts where new pickleball lines will be added

Dearborn Park (was resurfaced in 2018) – 4 new pickleball courts

Beacon Hill Playfield – 4 new pickleball courts

Mt. Baker Park – 4 new pickleball courts

Brighton Playfield (was resurfaced in 2018) – 4 new pickleball courts

Adding lines to the other courts will depend on the contractors’ schedules, but we are optimistic that we can fit in many of them this summer.  Of the 16 new pickleball courts this will add in Southeast (Dearborn, Beacon Hill, Mt. Baker, Brighton), 8 will be on recently resurfaced courts (Dearborn and Brighton).


12 courts where new pickleball lines will be added as part of planned resurfacing

Gilman Playground  – 4 new pickleball courts

W Magnolia Playfield – 8 new pickleball courts

We can confirm that this work will take place this year because they were already listed to be resurfaced and on the contractors’ schedules.  


10 courts where faded pickleball lines will be retouched

Soundview Playfield – 4 existing pickleball courts

Green Lake Park east courts – 6 existing pickleball courts

We can confirm that Green Lake will happen this year, Soundview still has to be scheduled.


We’re glad to be able to enhance pickleball resources at courts citywide and particularly in Southeast Seattle.


If you have questions about pickleball court planning, please contact Senior Planner Oliver Bazinet at .


If you have questions about existing pickleball courts, please contact Matt Look at .


If you have other, general park-related questions or concerns, please contact us at .


Thanks for contacting us! 



Laurie Dunlap

Superintendent’s Office , Seattle Parks and Recreation

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