\”Southeast Seattle Needs Outdoor Pickleball Courts Now: The Saga\” – EPISODE 2

Dear Superintendent



Sent: Wednesday, May 19, 2021 3:02 PM
To: Aguirre, Jesús <
Jesus.Aguirre@seattle.gov >
Cc: Brown, Courtney A <
Courtney.Brown@seattle.gov >; Justin.Cutler@seattle.gov ; Look, Matthew < Matthew.Look@seattle.gov >; tim.pretare@seattle.gov ;
Subject: Southeast Seattle Needs Outdoor Pickleball Courts Now


Dear Superintendent Aguirre,


We would like to bring to your attention the fact that Southeast Seattle (South of Capitol Hill, East of I-5) pickleball players are being neglected by Seattle Parks and Recreation…


Even though there is a demonstrably large community of pickleball players affiliated with the Jefferson Community Center on Beacon Hill and the Rainier Community Center in Columbia City, there are no official public outdoor pickleball courts in Southeast Seattle.  


Over 200 Seattle residents have now signed an online petition asking you to:

  1. Reserve the outdoor courts at Jefferson Park and Rainier Park for Pickleball players 3 times a week starting immediately.
  2. Paint Pickleball courts lines on all the outdoor tennis courts at Jefferson Park and Rainier Park as soon as the weather permits.
  3. Address the inequalities between the usage of tennis courts and pickleball courts now.

The Seattle Metro Pickleball Association has endorsed this petition as well.


We are attaching the entire text of the petition, as well as the list of signatures and comments. You can find the petition online also at https://www.change.org/SouthEastSeattleNeedsOutdoorPickleballCourtsNow .


We ask to meet with you at your earliest convenience so we can learn what Seattle Parks and Recreation is willing to do to rectify the current situation and address any concern you might have regarding our requests.  We look forward to hearing from you.




George Carter

Jean Crowhorn

Miguel de Campos

Jetta Kogita

Lawrence Lee

Gordon Sata

Jeannie Yee

Southeast Seattle Pickleball Player Representatives


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