Senior Pickleball – Jefferson Park Tennis Courts

END OF APRIL UPDATE: The Seattle Parks Department only organized pickleball on the Jefferson tennis courts (as announced in the flyer above) twice. Then they quit doing it and forgot to tell the pickleball players about it. So players are still showing up and organizing games on their own.

The Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) Department is organizing Senior pickleball on the Jefferson Park outdoor tennis courts, next to the Jefferson Community Center on Beacon Hill.

This program is part of SPR’s “Rec’n The Streets” program. In case of iffy weather, check out the Rec’n Streets schedule and notifications on their Facebook page.

In spite of the picture above that shows people playing on a pickleball court with pickleball lines and a pickleball net, there are no pickleball nets or pickleball lines on the Jefferson Park tennis courts.

On Friday April 9, SPR had brought two rolls of blue masking tape, hoping that pickleball players would know how to use them to mark court lines. They also brought a net that was smaller than standard.

On one court, pickleball players used chalk to mark the pickleball lines and use the tennis net as the pickleball net.

Some players marked one court with chalk and used the tennis net as you can see on the picture above. Other players spent a long time laying down masking tape to line a second court and used their own portable pickleball nets.

There are rumors that SPR is considering buying “bright yellow line markers” for next time. They might also have real pickleball nets. In any case, if you have chalk or a portable pickleball net, bring them.

Be aware that there will be no play on April 16.