Lowman Beach Park Pickleball Court Update: Can you spare $447,217.20

After two years of work by the Seattle Sports Complex Foundation to maintain a tennis court in West Seattle’s Lowman Beach Park, and after three virtual Open Houses where you voted for including pickleball court lines on that tennis court, Seattle Parks and Recreation approved two options:

  1. Doing nothing (meaning no tennis or pickleball courts), OR
  2. Adding, for the modest sum of $447,217.20 (estimated):
    • swings,
    • two pickleball courts with no fence, no nets, no posts, bordered by a retaining wall on one side,
    • an accessible path,
    • planting with irrigation.

No Seattle Parks and Recreation funding is available to pursue Option #2.

If you have a spare $450,000 and are willing to spend it on 2 pickleball courts and a swing, feel free to contact