Updates from Ravenna Eckstein Court Project

May 2019

The final DESIGN PHASE steps are to conduct two open house format viewings of the final design, and associated construction documents and estimated costs. All are invited to drop in to either one to see and understand the current status of this project. Stay as long as you need, or drop by for 5 minutes. Both meetings are an open house format. Please drop in at either location, any time during the designated times. Two Library branches are the meeting locations (Not at Eckstein MS), both have some limited, free parking.

  • Meeting 1 – May 7th (Tuesday) Green Lake Library branch meeting room ( 4:00 – 5:30 PM )
  • Meeting 2 – May 8th (Wednesday) Northeast Library Branch meeting room ( 5:30 – 6:30 PM)

They are transitioning from Design to construction planning and funding – and this project is looking for its next group of stewards. It seems a good time to bring in a new leadership team, more closely tied to the Eckstein MS community. Kathy Schmidtke is no longer a parent of a current EMS student, and believe current parents, more closely connected to the school, its events and activities are better suited to promote this project into the next phase. She started this in 2017, and its time to pass the baton.

Many construction variables exist regarding the court surface repair process and final coating, fence repair vs. replacement. Cost estimates exist for a basic version, and a deluxe solution with associated costs from $ 40K – $ 80K. The next leadership team will need to determine what scale of fundraising is feasible and possible in the current climate of public grant funding availability. The next DON grant application date is September 2019. Partners: The Seattle Schools Self Help team (Operations) remains committed to support this project into the next phase. Seattle Parks Foundation continues to be our fiscal sponsor and is available to consult on the next phase of fundraising. Please feel free to submit any questions to: and more importantly, they need more folks to attend one of the meetings on 5/7 or 5/8/19 and sign in to help us meet the public process requirement for their grant from Seattle Department of Neighborhoods (DON).

You can join the mailing list by texting the keyword: EMSpickleball to 22828 and an automated reply will ask them to enter an email address. Also, look for the Facebook group: Pickleball at Eckstein MS (NE Seattle)


Seattle Parks and SMPA working committee

April 2019

What they’ve said

The Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) pickleball pilot project led by the Planning and Development Division ended October 31, 2018. The study included the striping of multiple pilot sites across the city, site visits, input from players, staff and community members via meetings, emails and an online survey. SPR received substantial feedback about the pickleball community’s excitement and gratitude for the pilot program. There was also a great deal of desire expressed for dedicated pickleball courts. A report will be available in January 2019.

SPR will be working internally to determine next steps that include assessing the potential for additional court striping projects and the feasibility of dedicated courts.

What we are waiting for

After an extensive review by SMPA of possible dedicated pickleball court sites, SMPA delivered a full report on possible permanent outdoor pickleball facilities.
That list was prepared by an SMPA committee based on 40 suggested sites, reduced to eight based on factors that included current condition, access to bathroom
facilities, parking, local transportation, and reviewed against the City of Seattle Race and Social Justice criteria. The list is currently in the hands of the
SPR facilities team.

In April 2019, SMPA began meeting on a biweekly basis with the SPR working committee to map out an action plan based on the results of the 2018 pilot program.
The Board hopes to soon be able to report progress on a number of proposed pickleball facility possibilities around the metro area.


Seattle Parks and Recreation Launches Seven Pickleball Pilot Sites and Provides Pickleball Equipment at Five Sites

The courts were lined in late October. Nets were made available in November. This press release makes it official. Come out and play!


24 New Outdoor Pickleball Courts

The Seattle Parks Department has added pickleball lines to existing outdoor tennis courts in seven locations to create a total of 24 new outdoor pickleball courts. Many thanks to all the pickleball players who attended meetings and wrote emails, and to the Pickleball Pilot Project Team at the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department!

The seven locations are:

Pickleball Nets

The new pickleball courts don’t have permanent pickleball nets. We will have to use portable pickleball nets instead. You can buy your own net, borrow one, or join a group that already has one.

Where to borrow a portable pickleball net

The Seattle Parks Department Pickleball Pilot Project Team has delivered portable nets, balls and wooden paddles that you can borrow to the Delridge, Green Lake, Miller, and South Park Community Centers, as well as at the Discovery Park Environmental Learning Center.

How to setup a portable pickleball net

There are many portable pickleball nets offered for sale. While they have small differences, you will learn most of what you need to know by watching this YouTube video:

Is there more we can do?

The Parks Department needs to know that their efforts are paying off. Make sure you send an email to to let them know which new pickleball courts you are using and to thank them for making it possible.

And please Join! so that we can update you on progress and other opportunities to engage in getting the City of Seattle to increase our pickleball venues indoors and out across Seattle.

Thank you!
Seattle Metro Pickleball Association


Pilot Project Status, 9/12/2017

What pilot project?

The Seattle Parks Department launched its pickleball “pilot project” in July. Based on the feedback Parks received, they will paint pickleball lines on only a select list of existing outdoor tennis courts. The comment period for this pilot project ended on September 5, 2017.

What Parks plans to do

This is the city’s response regarding the painting of pickleball lines on the 7 area courts that are part of the pilot, in the words of the project manager, Ms. Karimah Edwards, Capital Projects Planner, City of Seattle (dates in parentheses are ours):

  • The comment period for pickleball closed last week with no opposition (September 5, 2017)
  • The courts have been designed and bids have been solicited for court lining
  • We have received bids and anticipate finalizing a contract this week (September 11, 2017)

The City of Seattle solicited bids from contractors that could complete the lining by the end of September 2017. However, they anticipate the lining project would be completed in October (2017) at the latest.

What’s next?

Keep an eye out for lines to be painted on these courts:

  • Green Lake Park in central-north district
  • South Park Community Center in south-west district
  • Georgetown Playfield in south-central district
  • Delridge Community Center in south-west district
  • Discovery Park Court in central-west district
  • Miller Community Center in central-east district
  • Soundview Playfield in north-west district

Paddles at the ready everyone, and we will post more updates as we learn about the painting schedule.

What’s the lining plan?

The intent is to have tennis lines and pickleball lines coexist. Not all tennis courts at any given location are to have pickleball lines. Originally, the Parks department wanted to paint lines so that one tennis court could be used as one pickleball court.

In a meeting with our SMPA Board and other community members, we pointed out how it would make sense to paint lines for multiple pickleball courts on a single tennis court. This strategy has been used locally and successfully at Yost Park in Edmonds  where two tennis courts were lined to be used as eight pickleball courts.

Two tennis courts lined for pickleball at Yost Park in Edmonds

Is there more we can do?

With the comment period ended and the pilot officially launched, keep playing. And if you do have comments to make to the city about pickleball, use the email address

And please Join! so that we can update you on progress and other opportunities to engage in getting the City of Seattle to increase our pickleball venues indoors and out across Seattle.

Thank you!
Seattle Metro Pickleball Association