Seattle Parks and SMPA working committee

April 2019 What they’ve said The Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) pickleball pilot project led by the Planning and Development Division ended October 31, 2018. The study included the striping of multiple pilot sites across the city, site visits, input from players, staff and community members via meetings, emails and an online survey. SPR receivedContinue reading “Seattle Parks and SMPA working committee”

24 New Outdoor Pickleball Courts

The Seattle Parks Department has added pickleball lines to existing outdoor tennis courts in seven locations to create a total of 24 new outdoor pickleball courts. Many thanks to all the pickleball players who attended meetings and wrote emails, and to the Pickleball Pilot Project Team at the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department! The sevenContinue reading “24 New Outdoor Pickleball Courts”

Pilot Project Status, 9/12/2017

What pilot project? The Seattle Parks Department launched its pickleball “pilot project” in July. Based on the feedback Parks received, they will paint pickleball lines on only a select list of existing outdoor tennis courts. The comment period for this pilot project ended on September 5, 2017. What Parks plans to do This is the city’s responseContinue reading “Pilot Project Status, 9/12/2017”