Time to Ask Kirkland Parks for More Pickleball

What is going on

Kirkland Parks Department has started work on its next comprehensive “Park, Recreation, and Open Spaces Plan“.  This 6-year plan will provide a vision for the continuation of high-quality recreation opportunities to benefit the residents of and visitors to Kirkland.

We need to make sure the Parks Department knows that pickleball players are grateful for the wonderful courts it created in 2019 at Everest Park and that we would love to see even more pickleball courts in Kirkland.

What you need to do NOW

Please email Mary Gardocki and cc: and let her know:

  • How grateful you are for the gorgeous outdoor dedicated pickleball courts that the Kirkland Parks department installed at Everest Park in 2019
  • How grateful you are that Parks updated their signage to embrace the pickleball culture of drop-ins where people take turns playing one game to 11
  • How busy these courts are and how grateful you would be if they could add 3 more courts next to the 3 original ones  
  • How wonderful it would be if they could expand indoor and/or outdoor pickleball support even further by [insert your idea here]

Make the message your own:

  • Talk about what you would like to see
  • If you live, work, shop or play in Kirkland, be sure you mention it

If email is not your thing, you can call Mary Gardocki and leave her a voicemail at (425) 587-3311.

What we will need to do later

In the next few months, expect the Kirkland Parks department to conduct an extensive community involvement effort including focus groups, meetings with key stakeholders, neighborhood and community-wide public meetings, surveys, website, and so on.

We will need to make sure we participate in those as well. If you spot one of those, please report it to so we can spread the word around.

Let’s not wait for community involvement effort to start. Start emailing the Kirkland Parks Department now.  


Join the Bellevue Parks & Community Services Board


The Bellevue City Council is currently seeking candidates for its Parks & Community Services board.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a pickleball player on this board? If you are interested or you know a pickleball player who would be interested in this position, please apply online at Applications are due by 5 p.m., Monday, April 19, 2021.




The City of Mountlake Terrace is working on a new Master Plan for its parks and open spaces that will will guide recreation and park improvements for the coming 20 years. City staff and the project team will incorporate feedback from their online open house into a draft plan for Recreation & Park Advisory Commission review and comment by mid-2021. The City Council will review and approve the final plan by the end of 2021.

Please visit their online open house and ask them to plan for more pickleball opportunities.

Make sure you ask them to add lines for 10 pickleball courts on the existing tennis courts at the Evergreen Playfield Complex.

Feel free to ask for indoor pickleball as well. Tell them that asking pickleball players to play on a racquetball court (the current indoor situation) is like asking football layers to play on a basketball court.

And of course, ask for whatever else you’d like.

  • If you only have 2 minutes, start here:¬†…, and focus on the first two pages.
  • If you have 10 minutes, start here:¬†

The open house closes on April 28. But why wait? Do it now!