24 New Outdoor Pickleball Courts

The Seattle Parks Department has added pickleball lines to existing outdoor tennis courts in seven locations to create a total of 24 new outdoor pickleball courts. Many thanks to all the pickleball players who attended meetings and wrote emails, and to the Pickleball Pilot Project Team at the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department!

The seven locations are:

Pickleball Nets

The new pickleball courts don’t have permanent pickleball nets. We will have to use portable pickleball nets instead. You can buy your own net, borrow one, or join a group that already has one.

Where to borrow a portable pickleball net

The Seattle Parks Department Pickleball Pilot Project Team has delivered portable nets, balls and wooden paddles that you can borrow to the Delridge, Green Lake, Miller, and South Park Community Centers, as well as at the Discovery Park Environmental Learning Center.

How to setup a portable pickleball net

There are many portable pickleball nets offered for sale. While they have small differences, you will learn most of what you need to know by watching this YouTube video:

Is there more we can do?

The Parks Department needs to know that their efforts are paying off. Make sure you send an email to pickleball@seattle.gov to let them know which new pickleball courts you are using and to thank them for making it possible.

And please Join! so that we can update you on progress and other opportunities to engage in getting the City of Seattle to increase our pickleball venues indoors and out across Seattle.

Thank you!
Seattle Metro Pickleball Association