Pickleball Nets Fundraiser

YOU DID IT! Fundraising goal met in under a month for Shoreview Park pickleball players.

YOU DID IT! Fundraising Goal Met in Under A Month

Shoreview Park in Shoreline, WA pickleball courts

Starting in July, 2020, a core group of Shoreview Park pickleball players decided they were done with keeping track of the net box code for the portable nets and began to collect funds to purchase a few of the rollabout Douglas semipermanent pickleball nets.

Seattle Metro Pickleball Association (SMPA) jumped in to facilitate fundraising for those players who could take advantage of corporate matching funds or donor-advised funds and make tax-deductible donations through the SMPA nonprofit 501(c)3 status.

The Shoreview group, made up of players from all over the Seattle metro area, led the drive that raised approximately $6,500 for up to four semipermanent nets with the help of the metro area pickleball community.

What Happens Now?

Now the wait begins, as over half of the funds raised were employer matches that take many weeks to process. However, as soon as those dollars are in hand, SMPA will complete the purchase of the nets with the aid of Pickleball Central of Kent, WA. The nets will be handed over to the City of Shoreline, and then they will deliver them to the Shoreview Pickleball Courts to be assembled.

We’ve every reason to believe that everyone who used employer matching funds has completed the step of requesting funds, and we hope to see the funds paid out near the end of October. That’s your timeline, as best as we can report. If the funds are paid out sooner, SMPA will complete the purchase and send out the good news.

This fundraising project would never have happened without the enthusiastic efforts of Shoreview players Tim Williams, Dorrena Ortega, and Randy Harkness, among many others, who carried around the donation jar and encouraged local players to kick in money. Additional donations came through the SMPA MemberPlanet site, and favorable pricing is courtesy of our pickleball pals at Pickleball Central.

Donation Finish Line

Our donation tracking meter captured the dollars raised by an excited pickleball community. We’ll report out updates on the nets and their arrival through our SMPA Newsletter and FaceBook pages.